Friday, December 5, 2008

Round Corner

Ok so this bar might take some getting used to if you haven't been there before. Oh and if you're taking a girl out for a drink it might not be the best option. But the round corner has a few things going for it. First the drink prices are always low, and even lower during happy hour (5-7pm) when everything is $1 off. A premium beer normally runs around $3 so that means a Guinness runs a mere $2 during happy hour. And their mixed drinks are just as cheap. Secondly it's the only stand alone unionized bar in Sacramento. (a few of the hotel bars are unionized but as far as a straight up bar goes.. this is the only union one)
The crowd is made up of mostly blue collar types representing every age race and creed... definitely not he pretty people crowd but these people are real.
Also, if you're into playing pool and don't want to go to the Blue Cue or some other crap hole douchie hang out then this is your place. But watch out for sharks.. there are a couple old timers there that'll take your money fast as you can put it down.

The Good: Cheap drinks during a happy hour that runs 7 days a week. Plus two pool tables.

The Bad: You probably wont meet prince charming here.. or a lady with all of her teeth.

The Ugly: Don't go into the bathroom. No not go in to the bathroom!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Beach Hut Deli - Midtown

This is one of my favorite downtown Sacramento spots on a sunny day. It's filled with local 20 somethings, has a huge patio out front so you can watch all the suburbanites file into Chicago Fire next door, and every one of the girls working behind the counter is fckn hot! There's only one Happy Hour deal from what I can tell.. it's $1 off pints and litres.. but that's a pretty good deal considering you get 33.8 oz of Guinness for $5.50 normally.. $4.50 at Happy Hour. They do happy hour Monday through Friday but the biggest draw seems to be the $1 Coors Light on Sundays when a seat is hard to come by.

The Good: $1 off liters and pints Mon- Fri 4-6pm
$1 Coors and Coors Light pints Sundays Only!

The Bad: Sandwiches just got more pricey with a large sandwich running $11 +

The Ugly: No mixed drinks but the plethora of pretty people and the great location
more than makes up for it.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Stone Grill

Stone Grill is located on the corner of 21st and L streets right across from the Distillery in Midtown. It's a relatively new restaurant, having opened in the last 2 years, so the crowds aren't quite there yet but they have been steadily building. The patrons run the gambit from 20 somethings looking for a quick bite and a beer to professionals sipping their wine over a sizzling steak. While the deals aren't out of this world a $3 Guinness isn't too bad and select appetizers are half off. Chicken strips basket, sliders, and steak bites are all quite tasty and all under $7!!

The Good: Half off selected appetizers coupled with $3 draft beers and well drinks

The Bad: No patio and there's not much of a crowd.

The Ugly: The best food deal is next door to the Stone Grill at the Vintage Cafe.. Pizzas are $2 and they'll bring them to the bar at Stone Grill for you.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Fats "Martini Hour" has some surprisingly great deals for such a storied local. While it's still very much on the upscale side (don't show up with a ball cap or a wife-beater) they now have a happy hour that can compete with the best of them. Their martinis are all half off as are appetizers.... I suggest the yu kwok, they're killer! Beers are only $1.95 and that includes a nice selection of imports. There's no patio (heck I don't even think there's a window) but the decor is great, the service is always top notch and it's likely you'll be drinking next to a legislator or lobbyist. This place might be on the west end of the Grid but I suggest you make the trek. Runs 3-6pm Monday - Friday

The Good: White collar crime for blue collar pricing. 1/2 off Martinis and $1.95 Bottled Beers
1/2 selected appetizers run from $4- $9

The Bad: No patio, no girls, no dice
The Ugly: This might be the only time you can afford to drink with a congressman.